Our Kind of Traitor

Having just finished it and let the gravity of the ending sink in (P.S. you have to think about it), I can say with confidence that this is good Le Carre, and his best since Single & Single / Absolute Friends days. Nice to see him leave behind the too-simple black/white of Mission Song, Most Wanted Man, and worst of all, Constant Gardener. He's writing crisp diaglogue, powerful prose, and created a compelling character in Hector Meredith. 

 Of all the reviews I’ve read, the this one best aligns with what I thought of the book:


Empire of the Summer Moon

Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the Most Powerful Indian Tribe in American History


Astonishing. Heartbreaking. Gory.


In the process of revising whatever I knew about what happened between 1775  and 1895 in the American west.  The story is Cyntha-Ann Parker is amazing.




Quanah Parker

Cynthia-Ann Parker


Sam Houston

Ranald MacKenzie

Treaty of Medicine Lodge

Battle of Adobe Walls

Texas Rangers

Buffalo Hump

Texas-Indian Wars

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